Nov. 26: Trends To Try Tuesday

At some point in our life, most of us looked down upon the idea of sporting a vest. For me, I cringed at the mere thought of ever wearing a vest, being constantly haunted by mo mother’s 90s Halloween pumpkin-themed vest and Tacky (although she didn’t think so) Christmas snowman-themed vest. Both came with matching clip-on earrings, I might add.

However, since the 90s, I have changed my views about vests entirely. Whether it’s a fur vest, a quilted vest, or a beautiful Barbour vest, I’m open to every kind. After a long search, I finally found the perfect brown vest last Christmas now I’m on the hunt for a quilted vest. These vests by J.Crew will do!

Nov. 26: #TrendsToTryTuesdayThe Woman’s ‘Excursion Quilted Vest’ in Camo (bottom left) from J.Crew is a classy and cute way to join in on the new camo trend that’s buzzing around. I for one was not all aboard this trend when I heard about it. Being a native Texan, I’ve been surrounded by boys and their hunting craze. Seeing men decked out in camo and then a girl wearing camo skinnies gave me a scare, but I’ve warmed up to it. I have since fallen in love with camo scarves (let’s face it, I fall in love with every scarf I meet) and this adorable J.Crew camo vest!

Be brave and give these trends a try! Tweet me at @mehauglid_blog using the hashtag #TrendsToTryTuesday to let me know your thoughts about what’s trendy!

xoxo, Megan



Nov.19, 2013: Trends To Try Tuesday

I’ll admit it, I’m no fashionista. I enjoy wearing simple styles and dressing it up with fun, colorful pieces of jewelry. If there’s one item I buy the most it’s jewelry. I unintentionally avoid patterns and, like most people, I simply cannot afford to buy every new and exciting trend.

However, I enjoy keeping up with new trends and I also enjoy trying new trends (if I’m brave enough!) Introducing, #TrendsToTryTuesday! I will post new trends whether it’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. So if you’re a brave and adventurous fashionista, give these trends a try!

Nov. 19 #TrendsToTryTuesdayThese Dee Keller Saxon Ballerina Flats in black suede (left) and metallic gold (right) are a must have for your feet! These delicate and feminine flats can be paired with any color skinnies and a gorgeous silky top, or a feminine, flowy skirt. You can find the Dee Keller Saxon Ballerina Flats here:

Nov. 19: #TrendsToTryTuesdayI’m loving coated skinnies this fall! These Joe’s Denim ‘Coated Skinny Ankle’ Jeans in ‘Jet Black’ are perfect for this fall. You can wear these coated skinnies with a silk button-down top and heels for an easy and sexy look for a night out on the town! These fun skinnies can be found at the link below.

Nov. 19: #TrendsToTryTuesdayLeather is SO in this fall! I can’t wait to get my hands on these skinnies. These are the Mother Denim ‘The Muse’ Faux Leather Pants. These pants are not only gorgeous and totally on trend, but they are also supporting a great cause! Fashion and charity all in one? Yes please! These skinnies are from the Freja Beha Erichsen and MOTHER collaboration, which benefits Doctors Without Borders.

Get this look at

Learn more about Doctors Without Borders at

Nov. 19: #TrendsToTryTuesdayFinally, today’s last fall trend are Midi Rings! These simple but precious rings can be found at the link below. Bauble Bar has tons of different Midi Rings to choose from. Midi Rings are a great way to dress up your fingers and a different way to express yourself.

xoxo, Megan

Nov. 15, 2013: Favorites Friday

Today’s the first weekly #FavoritesFriday. Every Friday I will share a few of my favorite things, why I like them, and where the items are from.

Nov. 15 #FavoritesFriday

Today’s #FavoritesFriday features the Moroccanoil Treatment Light. I like the Moroccanoil Light because I have blonde hair, if you have brunette or black hair I would use a different type of Moroccanoil treatment. This Moroccanoil is amazing! It restores and revives damaged hair. It also detangles your hair, makes your hair feel so soft, and even speeds up drying time! the Moroccanoil comes with a pump that distributes the perfect amount of oil into your palm, all you need is one pump! Apply the oil to wet hair and either blow dry or let your hair dry naturally. I highly recommend this incredible moroccan oil! You can buy a bottle here, and check out their other products!

Next on my #FavoritesFriday list is the Winter 2013 Collection by Essie. The Winter 2013 collection includes ‘Toggle to the top’, ‘Shearling Darling’, ‘Warm & Toasty Turtleneck’, ‘Sable Collar’, ‘Parka Perfect’, and ‘Mind Your Mittens.’ According to the Essie website, the collection includes colors such as Sparkling Garnet, Mahogany Red, Wisteria Pink Angora, Cocoa Plum, Alpine Gray, and Teal. The ‘Warm & Toasty Turtleneck’ polish is a winter pastel, which is a new trend this season according to the latest Glamour magazine. I think my favorite lacquer from this collection is ‘Shearling Darling.’ ‘Shearling Darling’ is the perfect Red for this winter season! Essie has always been my favorite nail polish brand. the small brush makes the lacquer easy to apply, and in my opinion they always have the best colors!

Last but definitely not least, one of my favorite books — and soon t be my favorite movies — is a #1 New York Times Bestseller, Heaven Is For Real. I am a Christian and I consider my family to be a very religious family. I read this book a couple of years ago, I had to read it twice because it was so good! No matter what your religion is, whether you believe in god or not, this book will change you for the better. You can read all about the main character Colton’s story on the first link below. You can purchase the book from the Heaven Is For Real website, your local bookstore, or download it onto your tablet. Heaven Is For Real is coming to a theater near you Easter 2014. I highly recommend you read this book before you go see the movie, you will not regret it! the link for the Heaven Is For Real website and the movie trailer are below. Enjoy!

I hope that you enjoy this first #FavoritesFriday

xoxo, Megan

My Favorite Clothing Trends For Fall 2013

I am obsessed with a lot of trends in clothing but I especially love what everyone is wearing this season. In terms of bottoms, skater skirts, leather pants, and dark-colored jeans are my personal obsessions. Also, like most other fashion bloggers that I follow, I have my eye on the excursion vests from J.Crew that come in stripes, camo, and many different colors. These vests are perfect to throw over a button down or plain long sleeve tee. Also, I am loving the peplum trend, it’s so cute and adds the perfect amount of femininity to any outfit. Sequins and fur, as usual, are a go-to for the holidays. I know I’m wearing something sparkly for New Years Eve!

These are some of my favorite clothing trend picks…

My Favorite Fall Clothing TrendsIn the top row (from left to right):

In the bottom row (from left to right):

xoxo, Megan

My Favorite Shoe Trends For Fall 2013

Some people think that once the weather gets cold you have to wear dark colors. I think that’s false. Just because the sun isn’t always shining and you’re not lounging by a pool in bright summer colors, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to strictly be black. I think that you can be just as fun and colorful during the fall and winter months with your shoe choice! A pop of color can go a long way for an outfit. Whether it’s jewelry or a handbag, or even shoes, a pop of color can easily turn your drab winter outfit into something to remember! These shoes below are some of my personal favorites for this season. I think each of these shoes are classic and will stay classic.

The loafer has been around for a long time. J.Crew has stepped it up a notch with different materials such as calf hair, suede, fabric, and patent leather. These fun patterns and prints can be paired with skinny jeans and a simple, cute top and your shoes will pop! The black strap sandals from Steve Madden are perfect for a cocktail event or a date night with that special someone. My personal favorite are the gorgeous Michael Kors booties, perfect for a night out on the town or a special occasion.

My Favorite Shoe Trends for Fall 2013In the left column:

In the right column:

xoxo, Megan